Empowering students and creating cultural change. 

Why we exist

We want to help unleash the professional and human potential of students from Mexican universities by creating a more accesible and inclusive platform that fosters social mobility.

How we plan to do it

We have a plan to connect Mexican students with summer internships in Calgary to amplify the cross-pollination of our countries and cultures in a professional setting, fostering inclusiveness and growth.

This program can benefit both the students and the local companies. This can be achieved  by giving students the opportunity to experience and immerse themselves in a professional setting and have a competitive advantage before graduating and starting their post-degree career.

Meanwhile, local companies will host individuals that come from the biggest city on the continent and have a different background which gives them innovative problem-solving abilities and a different and contrasting skillset to bring to the table.

Step 1

We find Industry and Academic Partners to work with.

Step 2

Implement a proprietary, co-designed admission process.

Step 3

Pre-Program Logistics & Content Prep

Step 4

Program Execution

Step 5

Feedback and Review

What we stand for

Diversity and Openness

We believe in respecting our peers and fellow human beings. By respecting our differences we can embrace diversity and thrive through it, with the common goal of collective growth and wellbeing.

Learning and Adapting:

We understand our world is constantly changing, especially in these polarizing and challenging times. We believe in staying truthful to our principles, but still adapting and overcoming obstacles.

Empathy and Understanding

We are aware that everyone has a different story and background and that this does not define us or our worthiness. We embrace our stories and support each other to bring out the best of ourselves.

Quality Through Humility: We strive to grow and improve our skills and ourselves, but we believe growth only comes by understanding there is still a lot to learn from ourselves and others, humility is key for growth. 

Who we are


Mancisidor Ucan


Osorio Avila

Be part of the community!

Are you a startup or company in the tech, design, architecture or social impact fields? Do you want to host incredible talent in your team over the summer?

Are you an academic institution that would like to partner with us creating great opportunities for your students?

Are you a Mexican, Latin American or just human student that wants to experience a new culture, share your skills and gain new learnings in a professional environment for the summer?

Hit us up at hola@interknit.org!

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